Although it's easy to forget, oil is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. To enjoy smooth driving, you'll want to change your oil every so often. However, the intervals can vary depending on certain factors and conditions.

Here are a few things you'll want to keep in mind regarding oil changes, so you know when to take your car to your auto service center in Warsaw, IN.

Follow the Recommendations of the Experts

The easiest route is to stay on the safe side, so you can never go wrong by following your dealer's guidelines. Your owner's manual should have recommendations for when to change your oil and what type of oil you need for your specific model.

Sticking to these rules is helpful, especially if you have a powertrain warranty. In addition, newer cars often have sensors and technology that monitor your oil. If your maintenance light comes on, you may need to refresh your oil supply.

Oil doesn't have to be a complicated issue. Trust your resources, and you can enjoy a seamless driving experience around Kendallville.

Pay Attention to the Warning Signs

While guidelines give you a general overview of oil maintenance, they can't cover every scenario. You may need to come in sooner than expected for an oil change, and you should seek out auto service if any of these descriptions apply to you:

  • Your oil is darker-colored or is odorous
  • Your engine is making knocking sounds
  • Your car is leaving a trail of smoke behind it
  • You haven't changed your oil after six months or 6,000 miles

In addition, driving at a slow speed for extended trips or stopping and starting constantly can affect your oil. Severe driving conditions can wear away your vehicle as well, including roads with lots of gravel or sand.

You'll want to pay extra close attention to your oil when dealing with any of these variables, so you can feel safe during your North Manchester commute.

Give Your Vehicle the Care It Deserves with an Oil Change at Your Dealer in Warsaw, IN

What matters most is the health of your vehicle, and changing your oil is an easy way to care for your car. Wherever you're located in the Fort Wayne area, know that you're only a short drive away from superior auto service at Warsaw Buick GMC.

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